About Fyrdraca

Why buy from FyrDraca?  ……trusted by bikers & developed by bikers



The biking community is a tight-knit one. My name is Richard Holmes. I’ve been a biker for more than three decades. My friends and immediate family are bikers. My Team are bikers  You will see me and FyrDraca team at biker cafes, rallies, ride outs and funeral convoys just look for the orange hoodies ….. I care about bikes and my fellow bikers. I was driven to spend so much of my time developing this unit,  I wanted to offer the biking community a reliable device that was thoroughly tested and wouldn’t fail at the critical moment …..when you need to know where your bike is!

We are proud members of biker groups and it was to my fellow members I turned when I was seeking bikers to trial and test the units. The units passed all tests with flying colors and I’m able to provide many endorsements if you require reassurance.