motorcycle and moped security and theft

As a motorcycle rider myself, I know how devastating it can be to have your motorcycle stolen or damaged. It can impact your job, cost you time and money to replace, and affect your livelihood.

Earlier this year the Metropolitan Police launched a campaign to advise riders on how to keep their scooters safe, by using things like security chains when locking up your bike. I wanted to share some of their messages with you so you can help your pupils keep their motorcycle safe and secure.

Snatch and grab robberies and other crime

Last year 15,000 motorcycles, mopeds and scooters were stolen in London alone – this is half of all vehicles stolen in London!

Many of these vehicles get used for other crimes such as snatch and grab robberies or as getaway vehicles in other crimes.

The video shows just how easy it can be to steal a moped or scooter and, the Met Police are concerned this could spread to other towns and cities across Great Britain.



To help prevent these crimes happening, I’d like to ask for your help in explaining the importance of keeping your scooter safe and secure to new riders.

I know many instructors cover types of security when they’re teaching CBT and I’d encourage you to do this. New riders rely on their instructors for all sorts of advice, including how to keep your scooter safe.

How can you help?

To help new riders keep their motorcycle safe, the Met police have put together some tips to help prevent these crimes happening. I’d like to ask you to share these with your pupils and other riders.

Park in a public area

You should choose a designated parking space, rather than street parking if possible. A good way to find safe motorcycle parking is to use ParkSafe.

It lets you search for car parks around your location that have been awarded a Park Mark. A Park Mark is given car parks that have low crime and measures in place to make sure vehicles parked there are safe.

But, if there’s no designated parking nearby, you should try areas with lots of people, good lighting and CCTV. Thieves are less likely to target motorcycles that are in public places, where they might be recorded.

Use a lock and an alarm

You should always use more than one lock when leaving your motorcycle somewhere. And, you should use disc locks and chain locks as these are fitted tight to the bike and through difficult-to-remove parts. You should also try to make sure the lock is up off the ground – it makes it harder for thieves to cut away.  

Another tip to remember is to check if your lock is insurance approved. Some companies will offer discounts on your insurance if you use approved locks or security devices.  So, you should always ask before you buy your insurance.

Another way to keep your bike safe is using alarms. If your bike is targeted, a loud alarm will draw unwanted attention to thieves and could help stop them stealing your bike.

Think about how long you’ll be leaving your motorcycle

When you park your motorcycle, you should think about long you’ll be leaving it. If it’s for a long time or overnight, you should lock it to something secure and use a motorbike cover, as well as the normal disc and chain locks.

If you leave your bike at home, you should use ground anchors to secure your bike.

Mark your motorcycle

Marking your bike parts with the vehicle identification number (VIN) number, your postcode, or registration number is a good way to keep your bike safe. If your bike is stolen, it’s a lot easier to trace back to you if you can give the police any marking numbers on your bike.


Police will charge for recovering a stolen motorbike, but there are ways to avoid paying.
The chances of getting a bike back after it has been stolen are slim, but when you do get the call for the police, it’s obviously going to lead to a mix of joy and relief. It can be short-lived though; if the bike has been recovered to the care of the police, you are going to face a bill of £150 and upwards.
Under legislation set by the Government, The Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles Regulations 2008, police forces that recover a stolen motorbike can charge the owner for the privilege.
The fees are set by the legislation: £150 for the recovery of the bike and £10 per day for each day the bike is in storage. Ouch.

You may not be able to recover the fees from your insurer either. It is entirely down to your policy. Double ouch, potentially.
The bike will not be released from the storage compound until you pay either. So if you don’t and can’t pay straightaway, the storage fees will start to mount up.
Importantly, the fees are not payable if the bike is seized under PACE (the Police and Criminal Evidence Act) as part of an investigation.
However, it might not be made clear to you at the time you receive a call from the police that the bike isn’t going to be used for criminal investigation. You might assume it is, but many forces do not investigate any further when vehicles are recovered – effectively considering the case closed at that point.

During the call, if you haven’t been told otherwise, you need to ask the officer or call operator if the vehicle is being seized under PACE. If it’s not and you opt to get the police to recover the bike, you’ll be liable for charges.
You can also inform the police when you report the motorbike has been stolen that you do not want them to recover the vehicle if it is not being seized under PACE. They should ask you anyway, but it doesn’t always happen.
If the bike isn’t being seized for further investigation, the police should give you the option to either recover the vehicle yourself (if it is safe to ride) or for them to recover it. If they do, the meter’s running.
If it is rideable, get there as quickly as you can. The police are obliged to stay with a vehicle for a reasonable amount of time to prevent it being stolen again, but we have heard of some cases where they simply don’t do this.
If it is not rideable, you may be able to have it recovered under your breakdown policy but check with your breakdown operator first as many of the cheaper policies do not offer this cover.
You might also be covered for recovery after theft by your comprehensive insurance, but again you need to check, and it’s only really going to be a feature of premium policies.
If it isn’t covered in your breakdown or insurance policy your next option (assuming you haven’t got a friend with a van or trailer) should be to contact a specialist motorbike recovery operator. The cost might not be that much less than the police charge for recovery, but at least you won’t be hit with the storage charge either, which is charged from noon on the day of recovery.
During business hours and if the vehicle is still in your local area, your usual mechanic or bike dealer may have a recovery service, but again it may not save you much on the police charges.
Likewise, if there’s a hire van or other cheap rental option available, this could save you money, but you do need to think about how you get the bike in the back of the van and also how you can secure it properly, so no further damage is caused.
Unfortunately, if the bike is recovered and you are not contactable – perhaps you are on holiday – then the fees are going to be chargeable.
Get yourself sorted:
Go and have a quick check of your breakdown and insurance policies now and see if you are covered for recovery after a theft. It might be worth adding it next time you renew.
Bike and biker

Caravan GPS Tracker and Alarm System

Caravans are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them.  Road users at times hate them but thieves love them

With everyone tightening their belts, holidaying in a caravan or motorhome is proving a popular option.

Bookings on caravan sites in the UK were up , according to the Camping & Caravanning Club, and there are an estimated 500,000 caravanners in Britain.

GPS on-board motion detection sensor that monitors any movement of your Caravans Position and the FW2 will send you a text if it moves

Although you don’t have to insure a caravan, Fyrdraca  advise you buy cover. It’s a common misconception that your car or home insurance will cover your caravan, that only applies to damage caused to someone else’s vehicle.

Like cars, motorhomes and campervans must be insured before taking them on the road.

With a new four-berth caravan costing upwards of £15,000 and motorhomes starting at £20,000, they are attractive targets for thieves.  Thefts of caravans and motorhomes have risen dramatically as the market for secondhand Caravans and Campers  is driven by the web and social media.

In spite of greatly improved security devices, around 1,200 caravans were stolen in the UK last year and it is shocking reminders like this that show us just how important is it to have the right caravan insurance in place. To find out how you can help to prevent your caravan from being stolen

At Fyrdraca we have found owners are not only asking us to fit tracking devices on Caravans, and Campers but also asking for more sophisticated levels of protection.

This small discreet unit provides your Caravan with real time 24hr tracking direct to your smart phone. Its easy to use and gives you a quick and easy tracking position

Its a sad essentioal that a Caravan owner now needs to make security and theft prevention part of Carvan ownership. Ensuring you have a Tracker. alarms, unique identification numbers stamped on the chassis and etched on to windows and physical hard security is a must.

Having good security also brings hefty discounts on your insurance. Fyrdraca Track and Alert systems, , tilt, door and vibration alarms,  Hitch locks and wheel locks can give you a discount through the Caravan Club’s insurance policy.

Ground anchors, wheel-clamps and hitch posts are other common-anti-theft devices. Keeping it in an approved caravan storage site brings down the price.

Rob a recent customer gave us some figures.  His 2015 BAILEY UNICORN Valencia. is valued a £17,000. His insurance was  £525 with standard security and a Wheel Clamp when parked at home in Yeadon Leeds.

To store it at an approved site and the price fell to £348.  We then installed the FW3 Track and Alert system and his cover costs £148. This is a new-for-old policy with a three-year no-claims discount and £250 excess.

Most mainstream insurers don’t offer caravan insurance, though many offer cover for campers.  The comparison sites include a full caravan and motorhome comparison service . When choosing insurance, check it covers all your needs.

Make sure your insurance covers fixtures and fittings and any trips abroad. Most insurers offer it on vans up to five years old, some, such as the Caravan Club, will go as far as ten years old and Caravan Guard goes to 15 years.

What Fyrdraca Systems are suitable for my Caravan?

Built in or Rechargeable?

Most caravans now have excellent leisure batteries, as well as solar panels. The old issue of your security draining and been unviable due to battery life is long past. For example the FW3 System running in sleep mode on a 100amp hr battery with a text updat will not need a charge or maintenace for 3 months, Add in a simple 5 amp Solar panel and its indefinate.

We do have a Rechargeable via USB System that is especiallty suitable to Trailer Tents or caravans without a leisure battery.

With a built in  Leisure Battery


The Fw1 Track and Alert Caravan System

This is our entry level GPS Tracker solution for Caravans and Trailers with a built in leisure battery. This small discreet unit provides your Caravan with real time 24hr tracking direct to your smart phone. Its easy to use and gives you a quick and easy tracking position. And some caravans we can also include a interior light sensor system. If your caravan light go on the system will text you. The FW1 costs £150 fitted at your home or site with no fees or subscriptions.

Fyrdraca FW1 Caravan and trailer tent Gps Tracker

The FW2 Tack and Alert System

The Fw2 adds a host of new functions to keep your caravan safe. As well as the FW1 movement and Gps Tracking we added a remote activated 125db Siren, and a remote microphone, You can listen to what is going on inside your caravan and activate the siren if you belive an intuder is present

Fw2 Caravan and Trailer Track and Alert System

Fyrdraca FW3 Caravan Gps Tracker and Alarm System

The FW3 is the system we suggest for Caravans Its designed to stop the theft occouring by warning you the FW3 will recognise any movement or incursion and text message you mobile phone immediately.  The FW3 Track, alert and alarm £400 fitted With a huge range of programming options, vibration sensor,Door alert, Hook up alert, Check system and exact street address tracking, remote control via key fob and lots more!  With no annual subscription, the Fw3 is the security solution you have been looking for! With tracking data directly to your smartphone you will always know that your Caravan is safe under our wing!

Fyrdraca FW3 Caravan and Trailer Gps and Alarm System





York-based Fyrdraca, supplier of motorbike tracking and alarm solutions, recently announced its expansion into the commercial van market wthrough its ‘Dakkara’ division.


Yorkshire-based Bike Technology Company Launches New Division

York, UK. 7th May 2017 : York-based Fyrdraca, supplier of motorbike tracking and alarm solutions, recently announced its expansion into the commercial van market wthrough its ‘Dakkara’ division.


Ask any fleet operator whether LCV theft is on the rise, and the chances are they’ll tell you it is. Sometimes it can feel like it’s a full-time job preventing thieves from walking off with vans, tools and catalytic converters. Official figures are hard to obtain as the Crime Survey for England and Wales does not provide details of make or model in its vehicle theft statistics. However, overall vehicle thefts statistics, occasional specialist reports and anecdotal evidence all supports the notion that LCV theft is on the increase.

The Crime Survey figures reveal that most vehicle theft takes place in residential areas. This is backed up by a separate Police Research Group report which found that 66% of vans were stolen from these places, with 12% going missing from industrial estates and 10% from shopping areas. The same report found that 64% of LCVs were stolen at night and on week days, with thefts dropping off during the weekend. Over the last decade there has also been a significant drop in the number of criminals breaking windows and forcing locks to steal vehicles. Instead there has been a dramatic rise in offenders using a key — up from 9% in 1995 to 55% in 2015. This is almost certainly due to the easy availability of computer software that allows the thieves to clone the vehicle’s electronic key and drive off. Many LCVs are stolen to order, and they can end up anywhere in the world within a matter of hours or days. In 2015 only 30% of all stolen vehicles were returned to their owners — compared to 61% in 1997.

The Impact

If you own a van for commercial use, one of the biggest fears is the likelihood of theft, or of someone breaking in to steal goods or equipment. Vehicle criminals always focus for soft targets that might offer high reward. The combination of valuable tools and poor security measures make van theft a tempting a choice for the determined criminal.

The overall cost of commercial vehicle and tool theft on the economy is staggering. Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy and this type of crime can literally bring such organisations to their knees, resulting in a loss of income and in more extreme cases the failure of the entire business. There are additional ‘soft’ costs too, such as disruption for the general public when these businesses are unable to provide their regular services.

What Measures Can Be Taken To Combat Van Theft?

The ‘Van and Tool Theft Awareness Group’ was established by Spencer Hargrave and Paul Butterfield. Both gentlemen have a background as builders and were keen to set up a forum that would offer impartial advice on vehicle security and other anti-theft measures. The Group highlight that there are number of ways that van owners can beat the thieves. These methods fall into three broad categories, with all will making the van more secure and lowering insurance premiums.

Deterrence– putting the van out of harm’s way, or making it a less appetising prospect for potential thieves. The driver should always lock the van’s doors and close the windows even if away from the vehicle for a short time. Spencer Hargrave states: “Don’t leave any valuables such as phones or sat-navs visible, and definitely never leave the keys in the van. Whenever possible, remove tools, stock and other equipment from the van, especially when leaving it overnight. Visible security features can be a strong deterrent to theft or break-in, so consider steering or handbrake locks, and mesh grilles on load-bay windows.”

Security– making your van sufficiently secure that thieves won’t be able to break in, even if they try. Tried and tested methods and products include immobilisers, alarms, deadlocks, slam locks, armaplate, secure van boxes etc.

Recovery– taking steps to ensure you get your van and its contents back even if it does get stolen. The statistics on recovery rates have already been highlighted above. Put simply, police resources are ever-more stretched and vehicle recovery can often be lower down on the list of crime types that are deemed urgent. The Van and Tool Theft Awareness Group have long recognised the benefit that the fitting of tracking devices can bring in aiding the prospect of vehicle recovery. As such, they are continually evaluating new devices and new suppliers in order to make solid recommendations to their members and the public. One member, David Jones of 666 Logistics Ltd, was an existing user of the Fyrdraca motorcycle tracking solution and immediately recognised that this type of device would be of interest to Spencer and Paul.

The Story Continues: The Development of the Ultimate Van Tracking Device

Paul Butterfield takes up the story: “When David approached us with the Fyrdraca solution we immediately saw there was a system that could make a difference to our group and protect tradesmens tools. As tradesmen ourselves we ideally wanted a partner to listen to the specifics of what we needed. If that supplier was willing to take our input and mould it into an enhanced or new product then that was doubly exciting. Richard Holmes of Fyrdraca came to us with a very open mind and we participated in a number of detailed discussion sessions.”

Richard Homes (co-founder of Fyrdraca) elaborates: “Spencer and Paul’s work in understanding not only the impact of theft but also how thieves by-pass ‘standard fit’ security devices is staggering. The level of detailed information they provided us on the vulnerabilities of individual van makes and the methods thieves use to by-pass the security gave us the basis of a design brief, on to which we could impose our own experience and technical expertise. We took the proven Fw3 system that already protects cars, campers and motorcycles and looked at how we could tailor a solution to the very specific needs of the commercial van user”.

Over several months, the ‘FW3+’ was developed. The system is completely independent of any standard fit security systems that pre-exist within the vehicle. The cheap tools thieves buy from online auction sites, which are designed to by-pass the security of a commercial van, have no impact on the operation of the ‘FW3+’.

FW3+ : A PROVEN security enhancement

The FW3+ uses GPS and GPRS technology to maintain real-time data on the location and status of the vehicle. The vehicle owner can be remote in any location (sat in a hotel room, a pub or in front of the TV, or perhaps even working!) and the FW3+ will advise on where the van is as well as the status of the sensors such as the door alert, vibration and ignition. In a potential theft situation, such as the door being ‘peeled’ or a tool being used to by-pass the standard lock, the unit will send the owner a number of alerts. The vibration sensors of the FW3+ are designed to pick up the initial physical attack on the vehicle, whilst the door sensors pick up the opening and damaging of the vehicle doors. The FW3 can be armed and disarmed by either remote key fob or via a SMS smart phone.

A huge part of the Fyrdraca development ethos is to only supply products and solutions that are genuinely ‘fit for purpose’. This always entails extensive testing of any newly developed device. In the case of the FW3+ , the company were able to use both its own vehicles and those of the 666 Logistics fleet for a trial which was overseen by the Van and Tool Theft Awareness Group. The results were impressive as Spencer Hargrave comments “We tested the system in real world situations. We used the key to lock and unlock the van and to start it and the FW3+ was never fooled. It alerted us to the door being opened, when the van started and when the van moved. We could track and pinpoint from our phone exactly where the van was via a Google map link. We even tried disconnecting the test vans battery, but the system alerted us on that too!”

The Way Forward: The Formation of Dakkara

Richard Holmes was delighted by the results of the FW3+ trial and recognises the huge potential that the device has to resolve a significant criminal issue. He comments further: “This is a prime example of business, a public awareness group and a technology company working closely together. The FW3 + is a direct result of Spencer and Pauls work and Dave’s experience as a manager of a van fleet. The whole process was a group effort. Spencer and Paul should be commended and be proud of the amazing work they do to combat and raise awareness of this type of crime. I recognise that the needs of commercial van users are very specific and distinct from our other user requirements, such as motorcyclists, pushbike owners or caravan enthusiasts. For this reason, we have launched the Van System through or Car , Van Camper and Trailer division ‘Dakkara’. The division has its own website ( where van owners can view more on the technical details of the product. We look forward to ensuring that it’s the owner of the commercial van that enjoys the fruits of their hard labour ….and not the thief.”

………………………………. ENDS…………………………………………

About Dakkara

Dakkara is an organisation founded by technology enthusiast Richard Holmes to develop and promote innovative tracking and anti-theft solutions for vans and other modes of transport. Van theft is another unfortunate fact of modern life and police forces no longer have the resources to aid recovery. Dakkara offer robust, high quality, and effective GPS tracking units that maximise the possibility of van recovery in the event of theft.

The Fw3+ Van system is now available through Dakkara and the Van and Tool theft awareness group. The System is fully installed anywhere in the UK by our engineers. Whilst the tradesman is on site our team will install the FW3+ and secure there tools and their van …. Giving you ‘security under our wing’.

More details on Dakkara’s product range can be found at .

Press Contact: Richard Holmes, Email

Spencer Hargrave


The FW3+ Van anti Theft and Anti Tibbe Key Gps Alarm and Anti Theft Pager System

A happy darren with his lwb boxer

His vans now safer, his tools are safer but most important his ability to do his job, earn a wage and support his family is safer.

Our fw3 van system …. Imagine in the back of your van with all your tools you could put your best most trusted mate, lets call him FishWee…. FishWee has a 125db Voice a GPS locator and a mobile phone, He sits there in the back of your van 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When FishWee was installed in your van we gave him £15 of credit to text you ….So you only need to do a few things to look after him… Tell him your mobile number and 2 of your friends numbers if you wish, feed him 2p’s by topping him up on line and remember to tell FishWee that he is to look after your van…

So what is FishWee going to do..

When you get out of your van you either send him a text “ARM” or push a little remote key fob button. FishWee stops eating biscuits, puts down his Tea and picks up his mobile phone. He will reply to you to to tell you that he’s ARMED. If you’ve been stupid and forgot to close a door he is going to tell you that you have left a door open by sending you ARM FAILED DOOR OPEN..

FishWee is smart, He now looks at your side door, your rear doors, your cab doors, he’s also looking at your ignition system, he is feeling for any movement and he is listening. If a thieving scumbag decides to open your door or tries to peel your door he is going to get really upset….

First he is going to shout at 125db and at the same time he is going to text you DOOR ALERT, he is going to shout for 30 seconds, Because the scumbag has shaken FishWee he will also send you a text that says SENSOR ALARM and he will shout for 30s if he isn’t already. If the scumbag hasn’t run away and has the door open then he will do the same again…. Now FishWee is pretty pissed at this point he has checked his position by his GPS locator..

You decide you want to ring FishWee to find out what’s gone on.. He will reply by sending you a text really quickly as he is pissed off… He will tell you a google maps link to exactly where he is, the time, the speed he is moving at and that he is awake and if the door is open or closed..

You want to hear what FishWee is hearing so you send him a text Monitor…. Then you ring him…Instead of replying with a text now FishWee answers the phone and you can listen to what’s going on…. What he is hearing you hear..

Now lets say scumbag has a tool or key to open your Van…. FishWee doesn’t give a shit… If you have told him to ARM then he is sat there paying attention. So scumbag feels smug he has a tool, he unlocks your van…. Your van is a bit of a thick tart and goes well hello big boy welcome home and lets scumbag in… FishWee goes frak off you’ve opened the door… and he shouts and texts you… scumbag doesn’t care, your van is gagging for him to enter his key…. Stick his thing in the obd port and start your van…. FishWee will text you ACC ALARM and shout at 125db..

Scumbag has got the Tranny Tart started he’s driving away.. Your van is moving FishWee is really really pissed.. He is texting you ACC he’s then texting you MOVEMENT ALERT with a GPS google map link. He is Telling you that he is moving a 60kmh he is telling you which road he’s on…You tell FishWee to AUTOTRACK he is going to send you a text every x seconds x number of times until you tell him to stop.

Scumbag dumps your van.. You know exactly where it is… You can text FishWee ADDRESS and he will give you a Street Address, a time and date and the speed he is travelling at..

You have gone in the car to Cine-world 40miles away to watch Frozen again…. Before you get to the bit when your going to sing Let It Go… you can not remember if you locked your van,,, IS FishWee awake and armed… is it still at home???? Shit you don’t want to miss the sing along to drive home and check…..

FishWee comes to the rescue. Text him CHECK and he is going to reply yep I am connected to the van, his internal back up battery is 100%, He is receiving a GPS position, The door is open or closed, How good a mobile signal he has, and if you have Armed him….You did forget to ARM him in the rush to grab the tissues before you left… So you Text ARM.. you also could ring or text to get his current GPS position and Address..

What happens if scumbag is smart… Instead of trying to open your van he has decided to lift and tow it… Before he does he removes the Van battery….

Fishwee is smarter… When the battery is removed he is going to text you CUT POWER.. he is then going to go in to power saving mode stop shouting and rely on his back up supply of Tea and Biscuits… They should last him 2 days or so. He will still answer you calls and texts… When the supply is getting low he will Text you BATTERY ALERT.

Someone tries to drag you out of the van…. You hit the button on the Key fob or on the dashboard FishWee will text HELP ME to all the numbers he has remembered

You can tell FishWee to text you if he moves more than 10 meters, you can tell him to text you if he goes over a speed, or if he moves out of safe areas. If he can not get a good GPS position, if there’s no mobile signal he will shout,

So how can YOU get a mate like FishWee into Your Van

FishWee was created with the support of the Van and Tool theft awareness group and West Yorkshire Police

His real name is the FW3+ from Dakkara, part of the Fyrdraca Group who look after motorbikes, cars, campers, trailers and pushbikes

The System costs £450 and one of our engineers will come to you home or job site anywhere in the UK mainland and Fit him into your van. It takes around 3 ½ hrs. to do.

It comes with a 12months warranty, no subscription no fees, Texts cost from your van around 2p – 4p each..

The system is professionally installed by trained engineers and is Suited to any sort of Van

You can read more and order online via

Hi I am Richard (FishWee) and the joint M.D of Fyrdraca and It is me that sits in the back your van.

Yorkshire-based Bike Technology Company Launches New Division

York, UK. 7 March 2017 : York-based Fyrdraca, supplier of motorbike tracking and alarm solutions, recently announced its expansion into the pushbike market with the formation of its ‘Nelka’ division.

Fyrdraca is a relatively new company commencing operations in early 2014. However, largely driven by innovative and rapid product development, the organisation has seen exceptional growth and is now the leading company in motorbike tracking. The management team are constantly looking at fresh applications of their core GPS tracking technology and it was a logical move to examine the pushbike sector.

Kornelia Majsterek of nelKa

Managing Partner, Kornelia Majsterek (Nella) explains: “There are around 350,000 bicycle thefts in the UK every year. This translates into around 26 out of every 1,000 bike-owning households being affected by bike theft. People rely on bicycles as their main mode of transport as well as for leisure and fitness activities. When a bicycle is stolen it can be both devastating and disruptive. Fyrdraca effectively went on a ‘crusade’ when it came to motorcycle theft and we’ve now assisted many crime victims in recovering their vehicle. With the formation of ‘Nelka’ we have the same fundamental aim which is to disrupt the activities of unscrupulous thieves and to ensure that bicycles are retained by their rightful owners”.

nelka two protects all cycles

There has been much development work to customise and adapt the company’s tracking units to fit bicycles rather than motorbikes. However, as Nella states, the fundamental development criteria are common to both modes of transport: “The primary goal when we design our tracking units is that we are able to adequately disguise or conceal the unit. This may only be a temporary deterrent as often the bicycle thief will strip down the bike to its component parts, particularly in the case of high-end bikes. However, the key period is immediately after the bike is stolen. Our units are pro active and alert the owner immediately to unauthorised movement and provide real-time location information. If this can be acted upon, there is a high chance of recovery of the bicycle. Our units are also made to be robust and reliable and to keep operating in adverse weather conditions.

There are numerous types of tracking and anti-theft units available from Nelka and these can be viewed at the company’s new website

The nelKa two is currently the most popular unit being both an alarm and GPS Track and Alert system for bicycles, with a rechargeable battery that can be installed on any type of cycle. The system communicates with the user’s smartphone. The cyclist simply rings the tracker at any time, the tracker will reply with an SMS text message showing time & date and providing a link to Google maps. In a theft situation the unit’s vibration sensor comes into play. When the bike is chained up the cyclist arms the nelKa two. Should the bicycle then be moved by the potential thief, the vibration sensor will detect movement and send an SMS to the owner. With the latest technology of global positioning nelKa two allows the owner the police to follow the movements of the thief and the stolen bike.

the gps tracker will give you an exact position on google maps

There are no monthly or annual subscription fees. Clients simply top up the Sim card in the Tracker as you would on a pay as you go phone. nelKa engineers install the Tracker with £15 credit which will allow 300-400 SMS text messages depending on the particular network. nelKa engineers attend the customers home or workplace, install the nelKa two, link the tracker up to the smartphone, assist and advise on the correct way to use the tracker and leave the client with an easy to follow instruction booklet. In the event of any technical issues, telephone support is also available.

Kornelia Majsterek concludes: “We have put the same level of effort and technical expertise into the development of our nelKa units as we did with the original Fyrdraca motorcycle devices. We now have a large base of satisfied motorcycle users who testify to the accuracy and reliability of our trackers. More importantly we have ensured the recovery of many vehicles and have even received direct compliments from the police force! Now we’re excited that we can make the same impact when it comes to bicycle theft. Look out thieves, nelKa is coming!”.

About Nelka

Nelka is an organisation founded by bike enthusiasts Richard Holmes and Kornelia Majsterek to develop and promote innovative tracking and anti-theft solutions for bikes and other modes of transport. Bike theft is another unfortunate fact of modern life and police forces no longer have the resources to aid recovery. Nelka offer robust, high quality, and effective GPS tracking units that maximise the possibility of bicycle recovery in the event of theft. More details on Nelka’s product range can be found at
Press Contact: Nella Majsterek, Email

Georgias story

On the 24th of November 2016 I went out to work at 10am with my boyfriend who had stayed at mine the previous night.

We walked out of the house and instantly knew that his bike wasn’t where he’d left it the night before. We walked down the street a little way just to look if it was further down the street… we knew it wasn’t anywhere else but I think it’s just a natural reaction to look just in anticipation, and hope that it was somewhere other than where he’d parked it.

It’s at this time that the feeling of dread come over us, just like when you feel your pockets for your phone or wallet that you think are there but you’ve actually left them on your table. Unfortunately this sinking feeling just got worse when we saw the anti cut lock discarded on the grass.

We was then approached by a neighbour who asked is we had a bike stolen as he was walking his dog and had seen a motorbike smouldering at the top of a track just 2 streets from my home. We walked round to discover a pile of ash and burn wires as you can see from the pictures. We spoke to the residents opposite where the bike was and found out that they had called the fire brigade at around 11.30pm the previous night when they had seen the flames from there living room window.

It turns out that the thieves who did this couldn’t get the bike started and just torched it for no reason.

It was my boyfriends pride and joy and he’s spent around £600 on extras for the bike. He loved his bike and worked very hard in order to get it and to get it the way he exactly wanted it. We just don’t understand why after they snapped the steering lock and chain then couldn’t get it started why not just put the stand down and leave it where it was.

Fortunately, the insurance will pay him out, after he pays his £750 excess and rearranges his finance for another bike that he has to wait till march 2017 for.

I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else and would like to think that this post will prevent it from happening to anyone else but, the reality is that scum bags who can’t afford nice things will always steal off someone else. We are getting closer to find out who it is who stole his bike and correct measures will be taken to ensure they think twice before going this to someone else.

Please take all the security measures you can to make sure this doesn’t happen to you…

Safe Riding o

Craig’s Story: ‘Three Birds With One Stone’. How tracking technology foiled multiple motorbike thefts


Craig’s Story: ‘Three Birds With One Stone’. How tracking technology foiled multiple motorbike thefts!

York, UK. 17th February 2017 : York-based Fyrdraca, supplier of motorbike tracking and alarm solutions, is pleased and proud to relate the incredible story of Craig Alford and what happened when his bike was stolen.

Craig’s Story – the preliminary background

Craig Alford became aware of Fyrdraca’s involvement in the ‘Bikes Against Bullies’ (BAB) campaign. This organisation is dedicated to provided support to young people who are victims of bullying, attacks and all forms of unpleasant persecution (you can read more about this organisation on the web page As part of its desire to assist the cause, Fyrdraca are currently running a scheme whereby they donate £10 to BAB every time someone orders a tracking unit. Craig liked the nature of the campaign and was keen to support BAB at the same time as enhancing the security of his bike. On Sunday 29th January Craig ordered a Fw1 Track and alert System from Fydraca using the bikers against bullies take a stand campaign and the unit was installed on Wednesday 1h February. Thankfully the installation process took an hour and Craig was so enthused by the process that he was motivated to post the following review:

Fyrdraca Take a stand against bullying and Bikes Against Bullies UK is a group set up for bikers, but not limited to them. Anyone can get involved! The aim is to create awareness surrounding bullying and offer support to victims and their families. Our children deserve to be safe, and to be empowered and to live their lives without fear

“Well I have had my tracker installed today can’t believe how quick it was and how easy it was to order. Richard Holmes was really helpful and I have to say that Bikers Against Bullies should receive more help than they are getting. For Fyrdraca to donate £10 of every order they get is so generous and that’s another reason why I chose them. Keep it up guys and look forward to see what’s coming up next!”.

What happened next – A series of unfortunate, and then fortunate, events!

Despite the cold weather on installation day, the Fyrdraca staff had enjoyed meeting Craig particularly as there was a generous flow of tea and biscuits! However, no one anticipated hearing from Craig quite as quickly as it transpired.

On Tuesday the 7th February at 4.20pm Craig sent Fyrdraca the following message headed “My bikes been stolen”:

“Right then guys. So today my beautiful GSXR 750 was stolen around lunch time today. Luckily enough for me I had a tracker installed, just 6 days ago. They snapped the steering lock and loaded it in to the back of a van right outside my work place! These guys really don’t care what time of day or night or who is around. If they want it they will take it. Thanks to the Frydraca tracker, I found my bike stored in someone’s garage in Halton (Leeds). Soon after arriving at the address two lads turned up one on a scooter which also subsequently turned out to be stolen and also a Yamaha R6 which was also stolen! The lad on the R6 was eyeballing me so I shouted loudly which caused him to stall the bike. I then gave chase and he ditched the bike which narrowly missed a parked car before hitting the floor. The lads then started to circling round myself and my friend Jonjo. They threatened us but they were essentially just kids and they scarpered quickly when they realised we weren’t backing down. I’m happy to report that not only did I get my bike back but we have rescued another bikers pride and joy. We also reported the scooter which was discovered to have been stolen from Manchester.”

craigs bike as found by the Fw2 tracker hidden in a garage
the R1 the thieves dropped when confronted by Craig and the Police

Following the incident, Craig paused to reflect on the circumstances: “I can’t believe that I was so fortunate to have the tracker installed by Fyrdraca just six days prior. I only had the bike a couple of weeks on finance at a cost of £4000. I am still paying off my previous bike that I bought for £3500 on finance. That bike was stolen and never found because the police didn’t do anything proactive. The contrast with this latest incident was staggering. As soon as I mentioned I had a Fyrdraca tracker and was travelling to the location they sprang into action. At one point I counted fourteen police officers. The tracker is worth the money all day long. Richard has spent a good few years researching and developing the product and it shows. It’s a product that ‘does what it says on the tin’!”

Richard Holmes (founder of Fyrdraca) concludes the tale: “On Wednesday morning I received a call from West Yorkshire Police. I made sure I let them know how grateful we were that they had recovered Craig’s bike. As a biker myself, combatting bike theft and the misery it causes was my biggest motivation in developing the Fyrdraca units. The police commented that they were amazed at the speed and the accuracy of the tracker (“it actually showed us exactly where the bike was!”). I’m grateful that Craig got his bike back and that there was minimal damage. A little part of me thinks it was ‘good karma’ resulting from his decision to support our anti-bullying campaign!”

the Tracking messages Craig received with the google maps link
the Location of Craigs Bike from the Fw2

Footnote: Craig’s actions were extremely courageous and were a great help in deterring the thieves. However, motorcycle thieves can be determined and dangerous and often resort to violence. Our official stance is that you should follow the procedure we advocate (read more at ) , work with the police and allow your Fyrdraca unit to do its job! If you respond quickly to the initial Fyrdraca alert there’s an excellent change your bike will be recovered.

……………………………….. ENDS …………………………………………………

About Fyrdraca

Fydraca is an organisation founded by motorbike enthusiast Richard Holmes to develop and promote innovative tracking and anti-theft solutions for motorbikes and other modes of transport. Motorbike theft is another unfortunate fact of modern life. 25,000 bikes are stolen annually and police forces no longer have the resources to maintain specialist recovery units. Fyrdraca offer robust, high quality, and effective GPS tracking units that maximise the possibility of bike recovery in the effect of theft. More details on Fyrdraca’s product range and it’s work with B.A.B. UK can be found at .

Press Contact: Richard Holmes,

About Bikers Against Bullies UK

The aim is a simple one: create awareness surrounding bullying and offer support to victims and their families. We aim to achieve this in a number of ways, from raising public awareness through materials such as patches and t-shirts which are available to buy, educational posters for schools and youth clubs, our annual ride outs and other public events. To also providing anti bullying resources found on via our website (, anti-bullying ambassadors who can work with youth groups and schools, and then lastly victim support rides, to show victims that we support them.

Press Contact: Chris Cooper,

Yorkshire-based 666 Logistics Select Fyrdraca Trackers


York, UK. 13 February 2017: York-based Fyrdraca, supplier of vehicle tracking and alarm solutions, recently announced that it has secured a contract to supply 666 Logistics with FW2 tracking units.

666 logistics offer a range of same/ next day courier options as well as traditional freight services. 666 logistics are specialists in same day point-to-point high value and sensitive courier delivery. Typical examples include high value parts for the aircraft industry, specialised medical equipment, financial and legal documents for businesses etc. In these circumstances, confirmation of vehicle or goods location can be a critical component of service delivery.

666 logistics

Sometimes a commercial application of technology can arise through an indirect route. In the case of 666 Logistics, David Jones (M.D of 666) already had prior experience of Fyrdraca trackers as he was a keen motorcycle enthusiast. David explains; “In 2016 I had a Track and Alert System from Fyrdraca fitted to my Triumph Tiger motorbike. I was highly impressed with the quality and location accuracy of the Fw2 system and the wider service I received from Fyrdraca. The ability to receive the tracking information to a smartphone gave us an idea. If we could provide that level of tracking to our high value and sensitive item customers, this would give our customers even more reassurance. I contacted Richard Holmes from Fyrdraca and put the idea to him”.

Richard Homes (founder of Fyrdraca) was initially surprised by David’s suggestion: “666 have a fantastic reputation within the logistics industry and although we have fitted our systems to cars, campers and bikes I had never thought about fleet tracking or individual item tracking. However we immediately set to work to see how we could adapt the Fw2 tracker for vans and the Ryuu for individual items.”

jo jones of 666

Joanne Jones (Operations Director, 666) was impressed with Fyrdraca’s responsiveness: “Fyrdraca came back with a solution within 4 weeks of the initial idea. In the competitive and fast moving world of logistics, this speed and level of service impressed us. The solution they created was exactly what we asked for and we were happy to trial this initially on one van and across individually tracked items. The trial was very successful. Our Customers loved it. They could now not only track the van but by giving them the number for the actual item they knew exactly where that item was in real time. This gave our clients a totally new ability. They could track exactly where that part was and adjust their own supply network to suit. For example, an aircraft scheduled for maintenance can now be pre-prepared with the correct service team ready at the exact moment the part arrives. This saves our customers not only valuable time but represents significant cost savings. We were overwhelmed with the customer feedback, they were now asking for this system for their items. From our driver’s perspective, it has also been a revolution, No longer are they having to deal with calls for their location and estimated delivery time. The dispatch manager has seen his work load reduced and the system has sped up the whole logistic process. We have now optimised our delivery process enabling us to offer a far faster and smoother service.”

Richard Holmes concludes: “David and Joanne were so enthusiastic. It was an absolute joy to work with such a professional organisation. From adapting the trackers to our installation into the van and the trial high value items the whole process was a partnership. The 666 team gave us constant feedback and were very supportive in what for us was a completely unknown market. I’m delighted to report that, after a successful conclusion to the trial, the Fyrdraca system is now been rolled out across the 666 Logistics van fleet and is available as an option for the tracking of all customer items.”

About Fyrdraca
Fydraca is an organisation founded by motorbike enthusiast Richard Holmes to develop and promote innovative tracking and anti-theft solutions for all modes of transport. Fyrdraca offer robust, high quality, and effective GPS tracking units that maximise the possibility of vehicle recovery in the effect of theft. Clients are increasingly integrating tracking into their wider delivery and vehicle scheduling routines. More details on Fyrdraca’s product range can be found at .
Press Contact: Richard Holmes, Email