Caravan and Trailer Gps Tracking and Alarm Systems

Caravan theft, it’s daylight robbery

In spite of greatly improved security devices, around 1,200 caravans were stolen in the UK last year and it is shocking reminders like this that show us just how important is it to have the right caravan insurance in place. To find out how you can help to prevent your caravan from being stolen

So what if the thief manages to bypass your locks and haul your trailer down the road? It would be nice to at least be able to find your trailer or maybe be notified that your trailer is moving and your not pulling it. This brings up the GPS technology. Again as with the locks, there are several different approaches to using GPS. The major draw back to using ordinary GPS is that the receiver needs line of site to see the satellite. Some companies provide an installation whereby they run a wire covertly through the trailer to an antenna on the roof. The next problem for GPS units is that they need power to work. If your trailer is parked in a storage lot and you don’t have access to electricity the GPS battery will run down in a few weeks and you loose your protection.

Fyrdraca trackers use a  technology called assisted GPS that uses a combination of mobile phone and GPS. This is great! It allows the unit to be inside your Caravan or on your trailer and the tracker can be inside a building and  work. If it is in a building, it does not have to be close to a mobile tower to get a good signal. Basically the unit works either by GPS or gsm mobile phone triangulation.

We have two different Solutions depending on if your trailer has a on board battery system

With a built in  Leisure Battery

The Fw1 Track and Alert Caravan System

This is our entry level GPS Tracker solution for Caravans and Trailers with a built in leisure battery. This small discreet unit provides your Caravan with real time 24hr tracking direct to your smart phone. Its easy to use and gives you a quick and easy tracking position. And some caravans we can also include a interior light sensor system. If your caravan light go on the system will text you. The FW1 costs £150 fitted at your home or site with no fees or subscriptions.

Fyrdraca FW1 Caravan and trailer tent Gps Tracker

The FW2 Tack and Alert System

The Fw2 adds a host of new functions to keep your caravan safe. As well as the FW1 movement and Gps Tracking we added a remote activated 125db Siren, and a remote microphone, You can listen to what is going on inside your caravan and activate the siren if you belive an intuder is present

Fw2 Caravan and Trailer Track and Alert System

Fyrdraca FW3 Caravan Gps Tracker and Alarm System

The FW3 is the system we suggest for Caravans Its designed to stop the theft occouring by warning you the FW3 will recognise any movement or incursion and text message you mobile phone immediately.  The FW3 Track, alert and alarm £400 fitted With a huge range of programming options, vibration sensor,Door alert, Hook up alert, Check system and exact street address tracking, remote control via key fob and lots more!  With no annual subscription, the Fw3 is the security solution you have been looking for! With tracking data directly to your smartphone you will always know that your Caravan is safe under our wing!

Fyrdraca FW3 Caravan and Trailer Gps and Alarm System

Stand alone Gps Trackers for Caravans and Trailers without a vehicle based battery

The nelKa one £150 fully fitted Our entry level stand alone installed tracking system. Suitable for unpowered vehicles such as trailers and pushbikes, No Annual Fees. Tracking Direct to your Smart Phone. Movement Alert. Built-in 5 day battery with low battery alert, Convenient weekly charging via mini USB port Fully installed at your home or workplace and set up to your smartphone. User manual and warranty.

The nelKa two £250 fully fitted All the features of the nelKa one and more! Suitable for all trailers human & electric powered cycles. Interactive anti theft features. Tracking data direct to your smart phone with no annual subscription.  built in 7 day battery with USB charging The two also has a built in 3 level sensitivity vibration sensor, arming and disarming by key fob,