Fyrdraca DragonEye – See Evil Hear Evil Stop Evil

See Evil, Hear Evil. Stop Evil

DragonEye from Fyrdraca
See Evil, Hear Evil, Stop Evil

DragonEye from Fyrdraca puts  Eyes and Ears on your Bike, Car and Van. It Gives realtime theft and movement and tracking direct to your phone and our optional DragonEye watch

The unit will phone you and send you a photo from its inbuilt camera as well as record video to its built in hard drive.

DragonEye is revolutionary, You don’t need Wi-Fi, or even 4G, It will work anywhere. If your vehicle is moving or hidden it can be hundreds of miles away and the system will still interact with you.

The System is designed as a pluging and fully installed upgrade for the Fw3 system.

There are three main componets to the DragonEye system and it is designed to fully intergrate with our Dragonfire Smoke System and Dragonlight System

DragonEye Unit

DragonEye Smartwatch

Fw3 Track Alert and Alarm GPS tracking Security System

The Fw3 Advanced Alarm GPS Tracker System