Fyrdraca DragonLight

No biker stands against motorcycle theft alone again.

Shine a light into the darkness … A storm descends on the thief.

DragonLight IS FREE!!

In simple terms Dragonlight is a way for you to call for help from your fellow bikers

You register with Dragonlight, then if a theft of mugging occures you text help to the dragonlight mobile number

The system sends out your call for help to every biker registed in your area with a google map link

They reply to the to text letting you know they are heading to your bikes google map location

Dragonlight tells you how many bikers have responded and grabs an updated position from your tracker

Your fellow bikers keep heading to the stolen bikes location

This cycle continues until you tell it to stop

Just imagine 50 bikers all heading to the location of your bike within muinets of the theft

How long before the thieves decide not to steal a bike?

Thats Dragonlight and we belive as a integral part of our antitheft system, we can really make a difference to bike theft

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Fyrdraca DragonLight group anti theft system

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