Fyrdraca F.A.Q and Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Help I have a Problem

We dont hide issues we share comment and make them public so we all can work together

Nearly all the problems with the Fyrdraca Systems fall into 3 main Issues


It isnt replying to my texts and doesnt answer when I call but it worked fine yesteday


Please check your credit, If your not sure how to do this get in touch,


Im not getting movement, stockade or alert messages


This usually is and admin issue, ie the tracker isnt recognising your number.. Mostly this follows a phone  software update especially on I phones

Get in touch and we will help


My Battery went flat


As per your manual you need to be either starting your bike or charging your bike every 5 days to be sure

Poor quality lead acid batteries ( cheap off ebay) can discharge very quickly. We reccomend upgrading to a Gell cell or good quality battery.

Get in touch and we will help and guide


What is the The Fyrdraca GPS Track and Alert system

The Track and Alert devise is aTracking and communication device, It will not prevent your vehicle from been stolen nor will it recover a stolen vehicle. Fyrdraca accept no liability or responsibility for your vehicle or property

Is there really no annual charge?

There is no annual or monthly charge.. You only need to keep credit on the SIM. How much depends on the network and your usage but it can be as little as £5 every 3 months.

Why do you install the tracker?

We want you to have a tracker that works and you can trust. We know where to hide the units and how to programme it for your bike.

Why don’t I see a picture of the Tracker?

We don’t publish photos of the trackers or the bikes they are fitted to.. By hiding the units on the bike and not publicising there appearance we keep the thieves guessing

I’m selling or changing my Vehicle

A vehicle fitted with a tracker is more desirable than the same vehicle without one so simply inform the new keeper it has a tracker. When you transfer ownership contact us and we will remove your number and add the new keepers. We can do this FOC at our workshop in York or at one of our drop in stands and of course we can fit a tracker to your new vehicle

We can remove your tracker and fit it to your new vehicle. Just contact us to book a convenient time for an engineer to call.