MY motorbike has been stolen what should I do?

If its been Stolen

OK we have a tried and tested method to help get it back you you

1 – Ring The Tracker This our reference point …Turn on location on your phone.. Write down or print the location/ speed etc.

2 – Write down all your vehicle details and where and when you left it… Is there any CCTV cameras near by?

3 – Phone the police… Tell them you have real time tracking..give the details, try use alternate mobile for calls so yours is free for tracking.

4 – TOP UP THE SIM in the Tracker were going to be using allot of data and credit and also get the owners handbook for your tracker, your registration, proof of id and insurance documents out.

5 – If you get CUT POWER text. this means the unit is now running on its internal battery…Its probably stationary and the vehicle battery has been disconnected.

6 – Every 5 minutes ring the tracker, keep printing or writing down its location… Be smart.

7 – A mobile police office will be in touch make sure you ask for the officers number.. Give them as detailed information as possible on the tracking – the speed etc WE can relay the tracking to the police but we will need your authorization to do so and also a mobile phone number of the officer.

8 – The Police will usually want to wait until the vehicle is stationary. If it is let the officer know.

9 – keep ringing the tracker and writing it down.. I know its tough but don’t be tempted to constantly track it until you know the police are on their way to it.

10 – Hopefully the police get to your bike… Make sure you have transport to collect it you will need to take Proof of ID, Your registration documents, Insurance etc. DON’T EXPECT the police to just hand it back sometimes they want to do forensics.