Fyrdraca Kent

Fyrdraca are really pleased to annouce Reca and Rick Evans as our Dealer for Kent

You will be seeing and hearing far more from Reca over the next few weeks

I will let Rick tell the story

Richard and Rick at Reca

Not too long ago, at a time when my commitment to Kent bikers was the Reca Community Biker Cafe, I received a call from a cheeky northern fella asking if the premises could host a BBC interview. He went on to explain it was motorcycle anti-theft devices and so I saw the relevance to my business.

‘Hi! I’m Richard’ with his hand thrust forward and a grin as wide as Wonderland’s proverbial moggy! Then came an overflow of product information from a man evidently excited and passionate about his ideas. Slightly taken aback though impressed with his enthusiasm, I listened with interest, trying to keep up and accepting a handful of brochures.

The FYRDRACA range of vehicle security is very impressive.
It has leading edge GPS technology that is unique in the vehicle anti-theft market. It is especially well suited to motorcycles with information going directly to YOU updating your smart phone of your bikes movement, direction, mph, etc but WILL NOT LOCK YOU OUT of the tracking! You can track your stolen bike right the way up to fetching it back!
GPS packages from FYRDRACA are easily affordable without the continuous subscriptions. Fitting is quick and by FYRDRACA directly instead of paying retailers excessive charges and insurance premiums are reduced with tracking technology.
The FYRDRACA website has an abundance of tips of how to prevent motorcycle theft and lots of useful information on the choice of products.
From a personal perspective, the FYRDRACA DRAGONFIRE smoke defence system impressed me the most! A multi-coloured smoke bomb and screaming alarm activated from my mobile at my command! Wow! If it doesn’t prevent the theft, it will certainly raise a lot of awareness of my bike being disturbed.

I was so taken aback by both the man and his ideas that when he approached me asking if I would like to get on board representing the FYRDRACA brand in Kent, I couldn’t refuse!

My name is Rick Evans.
I am a biker and I have an ambition to bring the security of motorcycles to the forefront in south-east England fighting back against the growing problem of motorcycle theft.
I represent FYRDRACA and I am proud to be involved.

Ride safe, people. See you out there!


Reca, Corben’s Yard, Maidstone ME16 8RL
07388 418 820