Fyrdraca Product Range


FW1 Track and Alert £150 fitted Our entry level tracking system. No Annual Fees. Tracking Direct to your Smart Phone. Movement Alert. Built-in backup battery. Fully installed at your home or workplace and set up. User manual and 12 months support.

FW2 Track and alert £300 fitted All the features of the FW1 and more! Tracking data direct to your smart phone with no annual subscription. The FW2 also has illegal start alert, a remote microphone, a panic button and the ability to turn the horn on and off remotely via your smart phone.

FW3 Track, alert and alarm £400 fitted with the best parts of FW1 and Fw2 and extras! With a huge range of programming options, vibration sensor, exact street address tracking, remote control via key fob and lots more! With no annual subscription, the Fw3 is the security solution you have been looking for! With tracking data directly to your smartphone you will always know that your bike is safe under our wing!

Ryuu Portable discreet Tracker  £50 This small discreet tracker comes ready to use out of the box. It’s rechargeable via a mini USB port and linked to your smart phone. If you need to track something for the day or evening, or protect your bag when your traveling, the Ryuu is perfect!

Key Tracker £25 Sick of hunting for keys? We are. This clever little tracker attaches to your key-ring and ‘talks’ directly  to your smart phone. It is available as a upgrade with all our track and alert systems. We install the key tracker along with your vehicle tracker in a single appointment.