Ford Transit and Vans Tibbe Key GPS Alarm Pager anti theft System

Fw3+ Anti Theft Van GPS Alarm System


Our fw3 van system …. Imagine in the back of your van with all your tools you could put your best most trusted mate, lets call him FishWee…. FishWee has a 125db Voice a GPS locator and a mobile phone, He sits there in the back of your van 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When FishWee was installed in your van we gave him £15 of credit to text you ….So you only need to do a few things to look after him… Tell him your mobile number and 2 of your friends numbers if you wish, feed him 2p’s by topping him up on line and remember to tell FishWee that he is to look after your van…

So what is FishWee going to do..

When you get out of your van you either send him a text “ARM” or push a little remote key fob button. FishWee stops eating biscuits, puts down his Tea and picks up his mobile phone. He will reply to you to to tell you that he’s ARMED. If you’ve been stupid and forgot to close a door he is going to tell you that you have left a door open by sending you ARM FAILED DOOR OPEN..

FishWee is smart, He now looks at your side door, your rear doors, your cab doors, he’s also looking at your ignition system, he is feeling for any movement and he is listening. If a thieving scumbag decides to open your door or tries to peel your door he is going to get really upset….

First he is going to shout at 125db and at the same time he is going to text you DOOR ALERT, he is going to shout for 30 seconds, Because the scumbag has shaken FishWee he will also send you a text that says SENSOR ALARM and he will shout for 30s if he isn’t already. If the scumbag hasn’t run away and has the door open then he will do the same again…. Now FishWee is pretty pissed at this point he has checked his position by his GPS locator..

You decide you want to ring FishWee to find out what’s gone on.. He will reply by sending you a text really quickly as he is pissed off… He will tell you a google maps link to exactly where he is, the time, the speed he is moving at and that he is awake and if the door is open or closed..

You want to hear what FishWee is hearing so you send him a text Monitor…. Then you ring him…Instead of replying with a text now FishWee answers the phone and you can listen to what’s going on…. What he is hearing you hear..

Now lets say scumbag has a tool or key to open your Van…. FishWee doesn’t give a shit… If you have told him to ARM then he is sat there paying attention. So scumbag feels smug he has a tool, he unlocks your van…. Your van is a bit of a thick tart and goes well hello big boy welcome home and lets scumbag in… FishWee goes frak off you’ve opened the door… and he shouts and texts you… scumbag doesn’t care, your van is gagging for him to enter his key…. Stick his thing in the obd port and start your van…. FishWee will text you ACC ALARM and shout at 125db..

Scumbag has got the Tranny Tart started he’s driving away.. Your van is moving FishWee is really really pissed.. He is texting you ACC he’s then texting you MOVEMENT ALERT with a GPS google map link. He is Telling you that he is moving a 60kmh he is telling you which road he’s on…You tell FishWee to AUTOTRACK he is going to send you a text every x seconds x number of times until you tell him to stop.

Scumbag dumps your van.. You know exactly where it is… You can text FishWee ADDRESS and he will give you a Street Address, a time and date and the speed he is travelling at..

You have gone in the car to Cine-world 40miles away to watch Frozen again…. Before you get to the bit when your going to sing Let It Go… you can not remember if you locked your van,,, IS FishWee awake and armed… is it still at home???? Shit you don’t want to miss the sing along to drive home and check…..

FishWee comes to the rescue. Text him CHECK and he is going to reply yep I am connected to the van, his internal back up battery is 100%, He is receiving a GPS position, The door is open or closed, How good a mobile signal he has, and if you have Armed him….You did forget to ARM him in the rush to grab the tissues before you left… So you Text ARM.. you also could ring or text to get his current GPS position and Address..

What happens if scumbag is smart… Instead of trying to open your van he has decided to lift and tow it… Before he does he removes the Van battery….

Fishwee is smarter… When the battery is removed he is going to text you CUT POWER.. he is then going to go in to power saving mode stop shouting and rely on his back up supply of Tea and Biscuits… They should last him 2 days or so. He will still answer you calls and texts… When the supply is getting low he will Text you BATTERY ALERT.

Someone tries to drag you out of the van…. You hit the button on the Key fob or on the dashboard FishWee will text HELP ME to all the numbers he has remembered

You can tell FishWee to text you if he moves more than 10 meters, you can tell him to text you if he goes over a speed, or if he moves out of safe areas. If he can not get a good GPS position, if there’s no mobile signal he will shout,

So how can YOU get a mate like FishWee into Your Van

FishWee was created with the support of the Van and Tool theft awareness group and West Yorkshire Police

His real name is the FW3+ from Dakkara, part of the Fyrdraca Group who look after motorbikes, cars, campers, trailers and pushbikes

The System costs £450 and one of our engineers will come to you home or job site anywhere in the UK mainland and Fit him into your van. It takes around 3 ½ hrs. to do.

It comes with a 12months warranty, no subscription no fees, Texts cost from your van around 2p – 4p each..

The system is professionally installed by trained engineers and is Suited to any sort of Van

You can read more and order online via

David Jones of 666 and Richard from Fyrdraca


Hi I am Richard (FishWee) and the joint M.D of Fyrdraca and It is me that sits in the back your van.

This is yet another “tools from van theft” story … I have never given this subject much thought, and definitely never thought it could happen to me in such a devastating way. On Friday morning of last week my van was broken into outside of the job that I was doing in Wickhambreaux. I never have too many tools in the van at any one time, but on this day we were in transition between two large projects and had loaded just about everything my business owns into the van. The loss of this equipment, with monetary value of around £7,000 has bought my world to a complete standstill. The effect it has had on myself and my family is beyond words. Having had this experience, I now truly believe that a law should be passed in parliament that anyone knowingly removing a man’s ability to earn a living in this way should be removed from society for a minimum of 30 years (the time it has taken me to gather together my hand tools alone). Please keep an eye out for anyone selling or using cordless or power tools with the initials JK indelibly marked on them. Let’s stop this scum and bring some much needed reckoning to them.
It’s a brand new van with alarm, which was active, but they gained access through the back doors and, somehow disabled the alarm, then took everything out of the side door which was hidden from the road. They shut the doors behind them so we didn’t know about the theft until some hours afterwards. It’s totally ruined my life. I am insured for about half of what’s gone, but I Am sceptical that the insurer will even give me that. It’s s cruel thing to do to someone! You probably know all this already. Thanks for the feedback mate