Gps Motorbike Tracking System

The FyrDraca Track and Alert GPS tracking unit is a device, fitted by our engineers to your vehicle.  It uses the Global Positioning System (Your Sat Nav), The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) which is the 2G / 3G Mobile data ( the same as the internet on your phone) and the GSM Global System for Mobile Communication (How your mobile works), to determine and track your vehicles precise location, . The recorded location is  stored within the tracking unit, and then transmitted to the mobile phone numbers we program in during installation, by using the sms text message function embedded into the unit. This allows the tracker to send a set of gps coordinates in the form of a google map link as well as the time date and speed of your vehicle.  The location will be displayed against a google map backdrop  in real time. Your Tracker unit has a unique I.D code and a set of security protocols which are programmed into the unit as part of our installation

step1Step 1

All the FyrDraca Track and Alert units have the same basic functionality. Here we are Going to show you a quick walk through of the Base FW1 Track and Alert unit fitted to a motorcycle. The FW2 Track and Alert and FW3 Track and Alarm all have the same basic function but with added safety and security features.

From your Android, Windows or I phone ring the FyrDraca Track and Alert fitted into your vehicle  the let tracker hang up on you.

Don’t worry, our engineer set up your phone and the tracker so they will talk to each other.

Only authorized numbers will get past the security process.


The Tracker now takes its GPS position and cross checks with the mobile signal position and GPRS position.

It now converts that into a set of coordinates and takes a google map position

It writes this to its built in memory and the sends a text through the built in sim card.

All this takes around 3 seconds!

14585652_1600440393590985_1018742894_oStep 2

The FyrDraca Track and alert Unit will send you a sms text message

It will only reply and send a text to a number that our engineer programmed into the unit


Open the text as you would usually, You will see a link to google maps, A speed, time and date as well as the units unique IMEI code


Look closely the Track and Alert is giving you the speed of you vehicle and an exact time

step3Step 3

When you click on the link in your Android, Windows or I phone. Google maps will open.

The Red Pin is The FyrDraca Track and alert position

You can zoom in on Google maps as we show on the left graphic. Here we can see the Vehicle is in the grey area( no building) Behind the Pink area (Buildings) Just Behind Fossgate road (white area)14686654_1603544826613875_713956630_n


step4Step 4


By Using the Google Maps Navigation function you can get a route from your current Position to the Unit

Buy NOW and let FyrDraca Protect your vehicle under our wing!

FW1 Track and Alert £150 fitted Our entry level tracking system. No Annual Fees. Tracking Direct to your Smart Phone. Movement Alert. Built-in backup battery. Fully installed at your home or workplace and set up. User manual and warranty.

FW2 Track and alert £300 fitted All the features of the FW1 and more! Tracking data direct to your smart phone with no annual subscription. The FW2 also has illegal start alert, a remote microphone, a panic button and the ability to turn the horn on and off remotely via your smart phone.

FW3 Track, alert and alarm £400 fitted with the best parts of FW1 and Fw2 and extras! With a huge range of programming options, vibration sensor, exact street address tracking, remote control via key fob and lots more! With no annual subscription, the Fw3 is the security solution you have been looking for! With tracking data directly to your smartphone you will always know that your bike is safe under our wing!

Ryuu Portable discreet Tracker  £50 This small discreet tracker comes ready to use out of the box. It’s rechargeable via a mini USB port and linked to your smart phone. If you need to track something for the day or evening, or protect your bag when your traveling, the Ryuu is perfect!

Key Tracker £25 Sick of hunting for keys? We are. This clever little tracker attaches to your key-ring and ‘talks’ directly  to your smart phone. It is available as a upgrade with all our track and alert systems. We install the key tracker along with your vehicle tracker in a single appointment.