GPS Tracker and Alarm system for Vans and Cars

Fyrdraca offer a range of Car and Van Gps Tracker and Alarm systems, All fitted at your home or workplace with tracking information direct to your smartphone

We dont just fit systems to motorbikes we also kepp Cars and Vans, Campers  Caravans , Pushbikes Trailers and Electric vehicles safeWe have dedicated site here under our dakkara brand name

Car thieves strike every 26 seconds! When it’s time to protect your car and its passengers don’t be fooled by out dated technology. Fyrdraca can track your vehicle’s location, speed, and direction throughout the UK and  the EU- so thieves won’t be able to get away by driving out of coverage areas or hiding in buildings. We provide the most robust solution to a peace of mind that you can find in the industry, and we back that with UK based  customer service and support, as well as a 12 month guarantee.

Using state-of-the-art GPS satellite and wireless technology, YOU can Track talk to and listen to your vehicle from anywhere .

Fyrdraca has a range of solutions for Cars and Vans, All our systems are fully installed by our engineers at your home or workplace nationwide.

As well as our range of  systems we also have Solutions to suit your Camper, Caravan/ Trailer, Motorcycle and Push bikes

FW1 Car and Van GPS Tracking System

Fw2 Campervan, Car and Van Gps Tracker Alarm System

Fyrdraca FW3 Car Campervans and Motorhome Gps Tracker Alarm System

The Fw3 Advanced Alarm GPS Tracker System

Ryuu Portable discreet Tracker  £50 This small discreet tracker comes ready to use out of the box. It’s rechargeable via a mini USB port and linked to your smart phone. If you need to track something for the day or evening, or protect your bag when your traveling, the Ryuu is perfect!

Key Tracker £25 Sick of hunting for keys? We are. This clever little tracker attaches to your key-ring and ‘talks’ directly  to your smart phone. It is available as a upgrade with all our track and alert systems. We install the key tracker along with your vehicle tracker in a single