Motorbike GPS Trackers


Stolen motorbikes ……still a modern day epidemic.

Do you know exactly where your motorbike is right now? Can you see it?

Are you 100% sure that’s where it is? Do you need to go check in your garage, your shed or the place where you parked it.. Reassure yourself go look at your bike right now,  go check. walk back to the bike park.

If someone was pushing your bike down the street right now would you know? Who would tell you? Go check..

Are you asking yourself now.. IS it still there? Go CHECK

With the FyrDraca Track and Alert you don’t need to because YOU KNOW and YOU can check exactly where your bike is right now this instant on your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Why because in the 60 seconds its taken you to read this a bike thief could have cut through your locks, disabled your alarm and your bike is gone.

FyrDraca Track and alert could be fitted to your Motorbike by our engineers for less than the price of your insurance excess.

Fw1 Motorbike GPS Track and Alert System

Fw2 Track and Alert Motorcycle anti theft system

Fw3 Track Alert and Alarm GPS tracking Security System

Ryuu Portable discreet Tracker  £50 This small discreet tracker comes ready to use out of the box. It’s rechargeable via a mini USB port and linked to your smart phone. If you need to track something for the day or evening, or protect your bag when your traveling, the Ryuu is perfect!

Key Tracker £25 Sick of hunting for keys? We are. This clever little tracker attaches to your key-ring and ‘talks’ directly  to your smart phone. It is available as a upgrade with all our track and alert systems. We install the key tracker along with your vehicle tracker in a single appointment.