At last a technical solution to bike recovery

At last a technical solution to bike recovery that works!

Through extensive development and testing we are able to offer a number of models of intelligent tracking devices that have revolutionized the way in which bikers can be alerted to the initial theft and which allows them to respond quickly and with minimal effort. Yes, tracking devices have been offered to bikers as an anti-theft solution for years but the FyrDraca units are different and here’s why;


IMG-20150513-WA0001Bike location is available to you directly via user-friendly interfacing with your Android, Windows or Apple device (phone or tablet)

The user can convey location details directly to the police. There’s no need to rely on a third party call center.

Users can be instantly alerted to unauthorised movement of the motorbike.

Our units are built to a higher quality standard than cheap rival units. They have been extensively tested for durability and signal transmission capabilities.

Various options are available e.g. the ability to remotely sound the horn in the event of unauthorised movement, the ability to track the bike’s full journey history (rather than just current location) etc.

Full support and warranty provided