Stolen motorbikes ……still a modern day epidemic

Stolen motorbikes ……still a modern day epidemic.

Do you know exactly where your motorbike is right now? Can you see it?

Are you 100% sure that’s where it is? Do you need to go check in your garage, your shed or the place where you parked it.. Reassure yourself go look at your bike right now,  go check. walk back to the bike park.

If someone was pushing your bike down the street right now would you know? Who would tell you? Go check..

Are you asking yourself now.. IS it still there? Go CHECK

With the FyrDraca Track and Alert you don’t need to because YOU KNOW and YOU can check exactly where your bike is right now this instant on your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Why because in the 60 seconds its taken you to read this a bike thief could have cut through your locks, disabled your alarm and your bike is gone.

FyrDraca Track and alert could be fitted to your Motorbike by our engineers for less than the price of your insurance excess.


760,000 stolen motorcycles have never been found. To put this into perspective, there are estimated to be about 1.4 million bikes on UK roads and one could argue that half of them could well be stolen! Although theft rates have dropped, over 25,000 bikes are still stolen annually and police forces no longer have the resources to maintain specialist recovery units. You’re an honest motorbike enthusiast. You’ve invested hard earned money in buying your dream machine and yet, in the blink of eye, your bike could easily become a distant memory.

Conventional solutions ….not enough to outwit the determined thief

Bike owners haven’t stood still. The decades have seen various ideas and security innovations to try to deter or foil the thieves; Alarms, locks, chains, and sensors for both the bike itself and for the premises it’s stored in. All to no avail …..still the bikes get stolen in their tens of thousands and are never returned to their rightful owners.

At last a technical solution to bike recovery ……..that works!

Through extensive development and testing we are able to offer a number of models of intelligent tracking devices that have revolutionized the way in which bikers can be alerted to the initial theft and which allows them to respond quickly and with minimal effort. Yes, tracking devices have been offered to bikers as an anti-theft solution for years but the FyrDraca units are different and here’s why;


.Bike location is available to you directly via user-friendly interfacing with your Android, Windows or Apple device (phone or tablet)

.The user can convey location details directly to the police. There’s no need to rely on a third party call center

.Users can be instantly alerted to unauthorised movement of the motorbike

.Our units are built to a higher quality standard than cheap rival units. They have been extensively tested for durability and signal transmission capabilities.

.Various options are available e.g… the ability to remotely sound the horn in the event of unauthorised movement, the ability to track the bike’s full journey history (rather than just current location) etc.

.No monthly or annual subscription …..just a simple and affordable one-off fee. Prices range from £150 to £400 (fitted) according to the selected model.

.Full support and warranty provided

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