What is the most common method thieves use to steal motorbikes

What is the most common method thieves use to steal motorbikes? By Metropolitan Police

A. Typically thieves will push a scaffolding pole between the wheels and lift the bike into a van and drive away. Most motorbikes are stolen from home.They also Push stolen bikes with another scooter or motorbike.stolen motorbike attempt

Q. Is there any other advice that you think I should be aware of?
A. If you don’t use or keep your vehicle on a public road (SORN – Statutory Off Road Notification) during winter months, keep a minimum fire and theft insurance policy in place. Many bikes laid up during the winter are targeted and are often not insured.

Q. What is a ground anchor and are there recommended products I can use to secure my bike?
A. A ground anchor is a metal plate or large eye bolt secured to the ground that allows you to pass a security chain through, making your bike more difficult to remove.

Q. I have had my motorbike stolen, what should I do? read our advice
A. Check first that your motorbike has not been removed by the council. If they have not then contact the police immediately. It is important that you have a photograph of the bike, details of the frame number and relevant paperwork. Insurance companies can provide security marking technology advice with policy renewals.Seaways Bike Cafe

FACT Insure your motorcycle or moped has adequate security and you have sufficient insurance to cover any loss.

You are less likely to have your motorcycle or moped stolen if it has an alarm fitted. Alarms with movement sensors are preferable as they activate when the motorbike is moved.

Fit a tracker which can be monitored with a smart phone .visit fyrdraca.co.uk

A ground anchor and good quality disk locks, security shackles and chains will prevent someone easily removing your motorbike.

Consider property marking your motorbike components with a suitable product. This will make it less desirable to thieves and harder for them to dispose of it or sell it on.

Park your bike in a locked garage or enclosed area whenever possible. If not, cover your bike with a suitable cover and park in a well lit area or in a Park Mark approved car park.