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Dan Kirkham told us about his experience with a Fw2 Track and Alert system

I’ll BOUSH to these bad boys peeps. Had mine fitted the other day and man is it good. To actually be able to phone your bike is bloody amazing then it  tells you where it is and even able to let you know if it’s moving without the keys in ignition by sending you an alert text. Serious bit of kit these and for next to nowt peeps and all fitted in the price too. Bloody good job Fish all round bro BOUSH

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Alex told us about his experience with the Fyrdraca track and alert system

“Another reason to get a tracker fitted ,,, its not just another  gizmo  for those people with loads of cash to waste , the tracker this  guy supplies & fits comes with so many features that i wont go into , but be reassured if your bike is moved , started or power tampered  with , you will know within seconds”

You can know exactly where your bike is right now….direct to your smartphone. With no annual subscription.

Fyrdraca Trackers are installed by our engineers at your home or workplace from only £150fitting1

Another Review

The fw2 I have had fitted is ace. Yes you can phone your vehicle  and know  where it is on request but as mentioned the superb extra piece of mind  that you are alerted when it moves just a meter or so let  alone into the back of a van or the fact that a thief  might try and cut wires to disable a fitted alarm then you will still get an instant  notification. My bike is my pride and joy and no fecker is having it,  if they do go near it I am on their case within seconds. No brainer this peeps. Just talk to these guys and get one booked in and fitted,  especially whilst your bikes are sitting alot more over winter months  all on their own and unattended