DragonEye Unit


The DragonEye sytem puts eyes and ears on your bike you can see and hear in realtime any theft atteptas well as record DVR video to its built in hard drive


See Evil, Hear Evil. Stop Evil


The DragonEye Unit

This unit is installed in to your bike, car or van and connected up to our fw3 system. (DragonEye requires the FW3 system to work)

What does it do?

DragonEye has a fully adjustable ultrasonic proximity sensor (a sensitive microphone) a camera and a DVR video recorder.

DragonEye will ring your mobile phone and connect you to the microphone

So first it has an adjustable (by you)sound level dB trigger..Simply you arm the DragonEye and if the system detects a noise around your bike over the set sound level the system RINGS you and connects you to the microphone. Your motorbike can now phone you up and let you listen in to the sounds in and around your vehicle

The Sensor is fully adjustable by text message. You can set it to ring you at any sound level from 40 – 125bd.. No more false alarms

It will pick up sounds not only inside your Car, Van, Garage etc. but also noise from outside

Next it has a camera

By sending a simple SMS command to your FW3 system it will take a photo, This photo of the area around the rider from your bike is sent to you as a MMS text message, its also saved to the DragonEye units internal hard drive.

You can keep sending the command and it will keep sending you SMS photos and storing then to the hard drive

Built in  the DVR video recorder

Send a different command and it will start to record video and save it to the internal hard drive You can retrieve the photos and video from the DragonEye box by simply plugging in a USB lead much like connecting your phone.

So lets do a quick summary of what we can install in your vehicle

The FW3 system has a proven track history of preventing theft, If a door is opened, or any form of brute force attack the FW3 will sound the siren and text you. Now we add the DragonEye unit… Any loud noise around your vehicle the system rings you to your authorised mobile number and connects you in real time to the noise and sounds it is hearing.. You send a text message.. DragonEye will send you a photo of what it can see direct to your mobile it does not need Wi-Fi the photo is sent as a MMS text message. Next you send a different command and start the DVR video recording… You then send the command to activate the remote siren and DragonFire Smoke system and fill or surround you property with a bright coloured smoke


The DragonEye unit is weather proof and is simply as discreet as possible, We designed it to look like a plain black box the size of a CIG packet (it has been designed to work on motorbikes, Vans and especially keyless cars)

The system works with android, apple and windows phones

The DragonEye unit is £200 fully installed plus the fw3 system


A thief attempts to unlock your van the noise will trigger the system. You can set how loud noise it triggers.. For example if your parking somewhere that’s noisy set it higher…if its a quiet drive way set it lower..in a test at a customers we triggered it inside the back of a closed car from 8ft away at 60db setting. The system will the RING your authorised mobile number and connect you to the back of your van as a voice call…in simple terms you can hear through your phone what’s going on around your bike. If you don’t answer the system will ring again. If they do manage to peel or open the doors then the usual fw3 text messages for door and sensor alert will be sent as well as the siren going off. While armed every time it detects a noise above the set level it will ring you


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