DragonFire smoke defence GPS system


The Dragonfire system is designed to distract a thief and attract Police and CCTV attention


Its here , it works and it will change how we fight back against bike theft


We are happy to fit it to existing customers with FW1, FW2 and FW3 Track and alert systems

Refil Charges are £15 each

If you want to have this fantastic system fitted to your bike please chat with us when you order your tracker

Fyrdraca bring you the DragonFire smoke defence system. This proactive anti theft system is suitable for motorcycles, cars, vans, campers and mobile homes. Available as an upgrade to any of our FW1, FW2 and FW3 Track and Alert GPS Systems.

Activated by SMS Text message to your Track and Alert System the DragonFire will quickly surround you vehicle in a water based coloured smoke.

It is designed to deter and distract a thief, attract the Police and CCTV attention

Fyrdraca Systems give you Fast, Reliable GPS Tracking, Anti Theft Movement alerts, Tamper and Vibration alerts, Door and Side-stand alerts, Illegal Start and OBD intrusion alerts.

Fyrdraca Systems start and only £150 Fully installed with no subscription with the tracking information direct to your smartphone. Fyrdraca have a proven Anti Theft and recovery history featured in local and national TV and Media


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