The Fw3 Advanced Alarm GPS Tracker System


Fw3+ Anti Theft Van GPS Alarm System £450 fully installed We have suffered from Van theft and it has harmed our business our living and our customers. Most trade vans not only carry tools and equipment they also carry a persons ability to earn a living until the tools and van can be replaced so we encourage people to fit the best security they can afford. To that end we have a enhanced version of the FW3 that we have designed especially for trade vans. It has extra Sensors for the doors and increased vibration sensors for the windows.


Important Note. Our Fw3+ System is not fooled by the current tools thieves are using to bypass the factory fit security on Ford and VW/Mercedes vans… If you arm the Fw3+ and a thief opens a door it will still activate, text you and sound the alarm,  even if the door locks have been opened either by remote or by key,, this also applies to the illegal start alert,  the movement and tracking alerts.. The standard factory fit System may bypassed however the tools, thieves are using including the remote door open and obd tools  will not affect the FW3+ I personally have tested this .. As always we research how they break into our vans and look to improve and advise our products and customers.. Rgds Richard

How are tradesmen battling thieves who target their vans?

Opslået af BBC Radio 5 live på 4. maj 2017

Van thefts and also thefts from commercial vans has risen dramatically

Police forces don’t seem to be able to cope, without evidence generally the police cannot proceed to catch or even arrest the thieves. CCTV is inadequate as faces can be covered.

the system woks with google maps to provide an accurate location from anywhere

As with our motorbike trackers, tradesmen face a similar issue , a sophisticated thieves carrying the right tools to defeat most hard security such as locks and immobilisers

We have suffered from Van theft and it has harmed our business our living and our customers

its so accurate you can zoom in to the exact point your vehicle is located

Most trade vans not only carry tools and equipment they also carry a persons ability to earn a living.  We encourage people to fit the latest after market locks and security and engrave all tools or mark them with something personal to you.

Don’t think your van is safe because you have put an alarm or locks on.

To that end we have a enhanced version of the FW3 that we have designed especially for trade vans

The system is adapted from our Fw3 Motorcycle system, It was designed to cope with weather, vibration and hard use.

The Fw3 + has extra door and vibration sensors over the standard Fw3 and takes longer to fit

All these systems can be activated from your phone and all the alerts go to your smartphone


We will travel to your Job site to fit the system anywhere in the Uk mainland, Monday to Friday. While your working we will fit your system

the tracker will give you a fast accurate position on google maps


Remote Key Fob Arm / Disarm

All the functions are programmed through your smartphone but with the fw3 we now include a remote key fob. When we install the fw3 to your van, we set up the system with you. So functions such as: the illegal start,  movement alert,  Geo Fence, vibration sensor, battery cut, immobiliser etc… can simply be armed and disarmed with the pre programmed settings, by using the key fob buttons. The fob also has a warning alert and a panic button.

125db Siren

The siren will work as a normal alarm siren, IE sound when the system is armed or disarmed, make a hell of a racket if any of the systems are trigged or if the van is moved or an illegal start, of course you get the alerts though by SMS text too.

We wanted a bit more from our siren, So you can tell the FW3 to work in silent mode. If an alarm is triggered then the siren wont sound but your van still text you. ….. We still wanted a bit more so we gave the Fw3 the fantastic remote siren function too. So from anywhere you can make the siren work. You just send a SMS text to your van and 125db of siren will tell you exactly where your van is and scare off any potential thieves (please note the remote siren function isnt available for a vans).

the door and vibration sensors will text you if the security is breached

Van Protection

Phone the system it will reply with is location as a google map link

Door Switches on Rear and Side doors.

If a Door is opened the system will text you

Vibration Sensors

If a window is smashed or a door is forced the system will text you

Remote Microphone

You phone the System and you can hear what’s is happening inside your van in real time

Illegal Start

If the Van is started or the ignition turned on the system will text you

the Fw3 will warn you if the ignition is turned on

Battery Cut

If the van Battery is stolen the system will switch to its internal back up battery and text you an alert

Sleep Mode

The system will automatically arm itself when the ignition is off and the vehicle is stationary.  You can also program when it sleeps. The System will wake up when either: you phone the tracker, through vibration/movement, Door opening side stand/brake or the ignition system is activated.

Help SOS button

The Keyfob has a SOS button . Should you or your van get in to difficulty the system will send out a Help me SOS message to all the authorised numbers stored in your tracker

Movement and Geo Fence

the illegal start , movement alert and stockade will let you know if your vehicle is moved

Movement Alert

If your Van moves the system will text you

Geo fence

You can set a safe are around your van, when the van breaches the fence the system will text you

Auto track

With the Fw3 you can turn on Smart Auto Track by time by distance or by movement. The Fw3 will send you tracking data by time, by distance travelled or by movement,

Multi area management

You can program safe locations into the tracker. For example, when your Van goes in for a service, you could set a 1000m safe zone around your dealer. If the van breaches this zone, the alarms will activate and a warning text will be sent to your smartphone.


you can check the status of your alarm and tracker in real time from your phone

Cutting edge Interaction with your Van

Check system

The system allows you to check the GPS signal, the network signal and the system protection and armed or disarmed status of your tracker. It will reply telling you armed or disarmed , the status of the door sensors, signal reception and GPS functions

Absolute street address

This system adds a street name/ address in to the Google Maps text where possible.

Check the balance of the sim in the tracker,

You can send a text to your bike and it will reply with the remaining credit.

Signal Interruption

Location based service If the Fw3 can’t receive a valid GPS signal, The system will auto switch will get a location by location based service.

location and street address GPS tracking

GPS blind Spot alert

If you park your van in a GPS blind spot, the Fw3 will tell you. You can then move it to a better more secure location.

The Fw3+ is designed for work, Its the system we have fitted to our fleet, It wont stop a thief breaking into your van but it will let you know…

There are no monthly or annual fees, When we install the system we include £15 of credit on the Sim Card, You are in control of the PAYG sim and you top up online as required, Depending on your network texts costs between 2p and 4p each. Which will give you around 300 text messages from your tracker.

The system will work intentionally however texts charges will be higher

Fully Installed with a covert installation.

Rugged, water-resistant housing.

Tamper resistant with built-in backup battery.

  • Power Consumption:
    Stand by -22mA at 12 V | Active tracking -240 mA at 12 V
    Cellular Channels:
    GsM and 3G (Europe, Australia, Asia and Middle East)
    Lbs Fallback:/GPRS/GSM
    Tracking Interval:10-second updates
    Internal antenna | Quad band HSPA+GPS | Anti-jamming | 50 channel GPS
    Battery Specs:
    Internal 1,200 mAh backup battery
    Battery Life:[BACK-UP ONLY] 48hrs
    Enclosure:IP66 | Water-resistant
    Shock/Vibration Resistant
    15cm × 7cm × 3cm

The Fw3+ is fully installed into your van and we send all the required codes to your smartphone as part of the install process. It also comes with a easy to follow handbook and a 12 months warranty


Jeremy Kaye

This is yet another “tools from van theft” story … I have never given this subject much thought, and definitely never thought it could happen to me in such a devastating way. On Friday morning of last week my van was broken into outside of the job that I was doing in Wickhambreaux. I never have too many tools in the van at any one time, but on this day we were in transition between two large projects and had loaded just about everything my business owns into the van. The loss of this equipment, with monetary value of around £7,000 has bought my world to a complete standstill. The effect it has had on myself and my family is beyond words. Having had this experience, I now truly believe that a law should be passed in parliament that anyone knowingly removing a man’s ability to earn a living in this way should be removed from society for a minimum of 30 years (the time it has taken me to gather together my hand tools alone). Please keep an eye out for anyone selling or using cordless or power tools with the initials JK indelibly marked on them. Let’s stop this scum and bring some much needed reckoning to them.
It’s a brand new van with alarm, which was active, but they gained access through the back doors and, somehow disabled the alarm, then took everything out of the side door which was hidden from the road. They shut the doors behind them so we didn’t know about the theft until some hours afterwards. It’s totally ruined my life. I am insured for about half of what’s gone, but I Am sceptical that the insurer will even give me that. It’s s cruel thing to do to someone! You probably know all this already. Thanks for the feedback mate


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