Fw2 Caravan and Trailer Track and Alert System


This tough reliable Gps Track and alert System is adapted from our FW2 motorbike system

The FW2 is a relaible tracking and alarm system suitable for your Caravan, With a built in 125db Siren , A microphone and advance anti theft alerts


This small discreet unit provides your vehicle with real time 24hr tracking direct to your smart phone.

 The Fw2 uses GPS, GSM, GPRS and movement technology to record and relay in real-time its position to you in real time.

Interior light

The built in interior alarm will warn you if a thief opens your vehicle door.

Geo Fence

The Fw2 has a Geo fence, You can set a security fence around your vehicle. If a Thief tries to steal the protected asset and it moves out side the fence the system will alert you.

GPS Movement Alert

The illegal start, movement alert and Geo fence will notify you if a theft is happening
Additionally you can control a GPS on-board motion detection sensor that monitors any movement of your Caravans Position and the FW2 will send you a text if it moves. So when you leave your vehicle unattended simply turn on the location safe stockade feature. If your car moves the unit will send you an alert.
Its a sad essentioal that a Caravan owner now needs to make security and theft prevention part of Carvan ownership. Ensuring you have a Tracker. alarms, unique identification numbers stamped on the chassis and etched on to windows and physical hard security is a must.

 Auto Tracking

The auto track function allows you to receive a string of tracking data. For example you could easily tell the Fw2 to send you a location every 30seconds.

Remote Microphone

You can ring your tracker and it will either reply with a tracking location or will let you listen in to what is going on inside your Caravan. This is especially usefull if you belive someone has entered your Trailer. You are in complete control of all the Fw2 Functions.

 125db Siren

The system has a ear splitting 125db siren. You control this via your smart phone. Imagine if your Caravan has been hidden or you belive an intruder is inside. The tracking system will alert you but you and the police are too far away to react. Send a simple command by SMS to the Fw2 andthe Siren inside your camper will activate

Panic Button

Vehicle hijacking is a rising issue, So we built in a panic button. This physical button is attached to a hidden location on your Caravan, In an emergency you push the button and the system will send out an SOS warning message to the authorised numbers. This along with the remote microphone so you can dial in and listen to what’s going on inside your vehicle.

User friendly manual

Explains how to adjust the FW2  sensors, alarms and alerts. We also send the required codes that are unique to your tracker, to your mobile as part of the install process.

Easy to use

The Fw2 comes fully installed and with an easy to use instruction book. As part of the installation we show YOU how to use YOUR TRACKER on YOUR vehicle

Back up Battery

The Fw2 comes with its own built in back up battery, So if for any reason the units power supply is interrupted it will warn you by text to your phone.
The Fw2 can be programmed with 3 authorized mobile numbers to relay tracking information.
The FW2 works with Android, IOS and Windows smart phones.
The unit has a larger back up battery than the standard FW1 unit.

As well as standard vehicle tracking and alert functions, the FW2 has additional optional unauthorised ignition’ features. developed the FW2. These features can be part-customised to suit your personal preference.

Typical configurations include;

A 125db Siren you can turn on and off from your Smartphone …..from anywhere.

Interior light alarm.

A GPS Movement Alert, If your vehicle moves the system will warn you

A remote microphone so you ring your tracker can listen in to your vehicle.

Panic button , A discreet button is added somewhere accessible, push it and the system sends out an S.O.S message.

Fully Installed with a covert installation.

Rugged, water-resistant housing.

Tamper resistant with built-in backup battery.

  • Power Consumption:
    Stand by -18 mA at 12 V | Active tracking -190 mA at 12 V
    Cellular Channels:
    GsM and 3G (Europe, Australia, Asia and Middle East)
    Lbs Fallback:/GPRS/GSM
    Tracking Interval:10-second updates
    Internal antenna | Quad band HSPA+GPS | Anti-jamming | 50 channel GPS
    Battery Specs:
    Internal 1,000 mAh backup battery
    Battery Life:[BACK-UP ONLY] 48hrs
    Enclosure:IP66 | Water-resistant
    Shock/Vibration Resistant
    14cm × 6cm × 1cm

Fitting Procedure

We will come to your home or workplace to fit the FW2 tracker.

You can pre pay and book a fitting day and time to suit you. This will typically be a week day and either a morning or afternoon slot.


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