Fw3 Track Alert and Alarm GPS tracking Security System


FW3 Track, alert and alarm fully fitted with the best parts of FW1 and Fw2 and extras! With a huge range of programming options, vibration sensor, exact street address tracking, remote control via key fob and lots more! With no annual subscription, the Fw3 is the security solution you have been looking for! With tracking data directly to your smartphone you will always know that your bike is safe under our wing!



We are so pleased to be able to introduce our FW3 Track and Alert System.

we have all been in the horrible position of our vehicle not been where we left it

I believe there is no better security solution for your vehicle available. As an owner of both classic and modern bikes, Classic cars  and Company Vans I wanted to be able to interact with my vehicle, to know not only where it is but also if my alarm is working. I wanted to know if it had fallen over or if someone was tampering with or moving my bike. Or if someone had broken into my van I wanted to be able to talk to my car and it respond with my system status.

This is the Alarm, Tracker and Security System you asked us for. I am unbelievably proud of the Fw3. This is the System I have fitted to my vehicles, this is the system I wanted fitted.

The Fw3 is simply an outstanding, full feature, proactive security solution .

We have built on the reliability and accuracy of the Fw1 GPS tracker, the great monitoring, tracking and illegal start alarm.

First and foremost its a GPS Tracker that sends an accurate GPS Position in Google Maps, direct to your smartphone when you ring the tracker. It gets this position from GPS satellites, LBS mobile data signal and the GSM Mobile signal.

We then added a Geo Fence,  and auto tracking.

WE have kept the features from the Fw2 Track and Alert system, like movement alert, the remote microphone, the panic button and siren.

So what does the Fw3 do?

Now its at this point the Fw3 really gets exciting!

Remote Key Fob Arm / Disarm

All the functions are programmed through your smartphone but with the fw3 we now include a remote key fob. When we install the fw3 to your bike, we set up the system with you. So functions such as: the illegal start,  movement alert,  Geo Fence, vibration sensor, battery cut, immobiliser etc… can simply be armed and disarmed with the pre programmed settings, by using the key fob buttons. The fob also has a warning alert and a panic button.

125db Siren

The siren will work as a normal alarm siren, IE sound when the system is armed or disarmed, make a hell of a racket if the bike is moved or an illegal start, of course you get the alerts though by SMS text too,

We wanted a bit more from our siren, So you can tell the FW3 to work in silent mode. If an alarm is triggered then the siren wont sound but your bike still text you. ….. We still wanted a bit more so we gave the Fw3 the fantastic remote siren function too. So from anywhere you can make the siren work. You just send a SMS text to your bike and 125db of siren will tell you exactly where your bike is.( Please note the remote siren function is not available for all vehicles contact us for more info)

User friendly manual

Explains how to adjust the FW3’s  sensors, alarms and alerts. We also send the required codes that are unique to your tracker, to your mobile as part of the install process.

Multi level vibration sensor

your system will notify you if the security is breached by sms text

The Fw3 features a multi level vibration sensor which you control, so no more false alarms. The sensitivity can be set by you, on your smart phone from the slightest vibration, up to 20 vibrations in 5 seconds. When the alarm is activated, it will send  you a warning text and will activate the horn/ siren (you can also set silent mode so no sound).

Side stand/ Brake/ Door Alarm

Then we added an extra Trigger circuit. This system will send out a warning text or activate the siren when activated. Depending on your vehicle, we can set this to either the Door ,side stand or the brake. In simple terms- if the Door is opened or the side stand or brake is used when the system is armed, it will send a warning text and sound the siren (again it can be set to silent mode). Please note this system is not suitable for all vehicles

Ignition Immobiliser

On older vehicles that do not have a factory fit immobiliser system, (such as classic bikes cars and campers) we added in a remote ignition cut

Increased backup battery

We increased the backup battery size to give 72hrs run time if the bikes battery has been disconnected and added remote battery checking via your smartphone.

Cutting edge Interaction with your bike

We then added a lot more software functions to the FW3.

the fw3 offers real time interaction with the status of your alarm and tracker and the systems that are been monitored on your vehicle
Absolute street address

This system adds a street name/ address in to the Google Maps text where possible.

Check the balance of the sim in the tracker,

You can send a text to your bike and it will reply with the remaining credit.

Signal Interruption

Location based service If the Fw3 can’t receive a valid GPS signal, The system will auto switch and gain a position by location based service.

GPS blind Spot alert

If you park your vehicle in a GPS blind spot, the Fw3 will tell you. You can then move it to a better more secure location.

Check system alert

The system allows you to check the GPS signal, the network signal and the system protection and armed or disarmed staus of your tracker.

Auto track

With the Fw3 you can turn on Smart Auto Track by time by distance or by movement. The Fw3 will send you tracking data by time, by distance traveled or by movement,

Sleep Mode

The system will automatically arm itself when the ignition is off and the vehicle is stationary.  You can also program when it sleeps. The System will wake up when either: you phone the tracker, through vibration/movement, Door opening side stand/brake or the ignition system is activated.

Multi area management

You can program safe locations into the tracker. For example, when your vehicle goes in for a service, you could set a 1000m safe zone around your dealer. If it breaches this zone, the alarms will activate and a warning text will be sent to your smartphone.

Speed alert

You can program a maximum speed, if your vehicle goes over this a warning SMS text will be sent to your smartphone.

Fully Installed with 12 months online support and a covert installation.

Rugged, water-resistant housing.

Tamper resistant with built-in backup battery.

  • Power Consumption:
    Stand by -22mA at 12 V | Active tracking -240 mA at 12 V
    Cellular Channels:
    GsM and 3G (Europe, Australia, Asia and Middle East)
    Lbs Fallback:/GPRS/GSM
    Tracking Interval:10-second updates
    Internal antenna | Quad band HSPA+GPS | Anti-jamming | 50 channel GPS
    Battery Specs:
    Internal 1,200 mAh backup battery
    Battery Life:[BACK-UP ONLY] 48hrs
    Enclosure:IP66 | Water-resistant
    Shock/Vibration Resistant
    15cm × 7cm × 3cm

Its easy to get the Fw3 Track, Alert and Alarm system on to your bike. Simply purchase and book a convenient day. Our fully qualified engineers will visit your home or workplace, Install your system and show you how to use it.

The Fw3 includes  a User manual, 12 months online ongoing support and our thanks for making your bike safer under our wing

Try the Fyrdraca FW3 GPS Demo Tracker


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