Fyrdraca FW1 Caravan and trailer tent Gps Tracker


We adapted our FW1 system to suit  Caravans and Trailer Tents,  This proven system that has saved may motobikes from been stolen and recovered vehicles that have been.

Instead of the illegal Start alarm we use your vehicles interior lights to trigger an alert.

This gives you a GPS Tracker, A movement alert and a Door open alert to your Vehicle fully installed for only £150


This is our entry level GPS Tracker solution for Caravans and Trailers with a built in leisure battery.  This small discreet unit provides your Caravan with real time 24hr tracking direct to your smart phone.

The built in Geo fence will notify you if the vehicle moves

Fyrdraca GPS Trackers are very stable & use sophisticated technology to help you locate your vehicle round the clock anywhere anytime. The system uses Google Maps to locate your vehicle online which are the most advanced maps worldwide.

The Fw Series is a SOLID Waterproof GPS Tracker series which is very Strong, Stable & Undetectable

The Fw1 is ideally suited to owners who require a reliable simple Gps Location system.

The Fw1 will let you know exactly where your vehicle is by SMS text with a link to google maps

The Fw1 uses GPS, GSM, GPRS and movement technology to record and relay in real-time its position to you in real time. In the event of theft, you simply  ring your vehicle via your smart phone.

If your Vehicle moves , if the door is opened the fw1 will text you

The FW1 provides a text alert if your door is opened

>The tracker unit replies via SMS text message which provides a google map link as well as a ground speed, time and date and the unique unit id.

The system will let you know it the ignition is active

Additionally you can control a GPS on-board motion detection sensor that monitors any movement of your car and the fw1 will send you a text if it moves.

So when you leave your Caravan unattended simply turn on the location safe stockade feature. If your vehicle moves the unit will send you an alert.

The Fw1 comes with its own built in back up battery, So if for any reason the units power supply is interrupted it will warn you by text to your phone.

The Fw1 can be programmed with an authorized mobile number to relay tracking information. The Fw1 works with Android, IOS and Windows smart phones.

User friendly manual

Explains how to adjust the FW1’s  sensors, alarms and alerts. We also send the required codes that are unique to your tracker, to your mobile as part of the install process.

Fully Installed with a covert installation.

Rugged, water-resistant housing.

Tamper resistant with built-in backup battery.

  • Power Consumption:
    Stand by -18 mA at 12 V | Active tracking -190 mA at 12 V
    Cellular Channels:
    GsM and 3G (Europe, Australia, Asia and Middle East)
    Lbs Fallback:/GPRS/GSM
    Tracking Interval:10-second updates
    Internal antenna | Quad band HSPA+GPS | Anti-jamming | 50 channel GPS
    Battery Specs:
    Internal 1,000 mAh backup battery
    Battery Life:[BACK-UP ONLY] 48hrs
    Enclosure:IP66 | Water-resistant
    Shock/Vibration Resistant
    12cm × 5cm × 1cm

Fitting Procedure

How to Get an FW1 Tracker Fitted:

We will come to your home or workplace to fit the FW1 tracker. .

You can pre-pay and book a fitting day and time to suit you. This will typically be a week day and either a morning or afternoon slot.

The Fw1 takes around 90 minutes to fully fit and electronically program



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