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Sick of hunting for keys? We are. This clever little tracker attaches to your key-ring and ‘talks’ directly  to your smart phone. It is available as a upgrade with all our track and alert systems. We install the key tracker along with your vehicle tracker in a single appointment.


Lost your Keys?  Problem solved! Just open the Smart App on your Smart Phone and BEEP You have found your bike key!

The FyrDraca Key Tracker is a clever little tracker that electronically connects with Apple or Android devices with a tiny electronic key fob. Easily paired with a compatible smartphone or tablet, the  Key Tracker can instantly alert you if a mobile and set of keys are separated

The FyrDraca Key Tracker  is a pebble-shaped device which can be attached to your key chain. Used to track or  find your lost keys,  it also comes in  orange and It is very light and thin making it very portable. It communicates with your device via Bluetooth and  it  is compatible with the iPhone  6/6+  and Android 4.2+ devices. This is done with an app which can be downloaded from the internet . The box comes with an extra battery  in addition to the one is installed in the device.motorcyle-key

The device feels great and light. It is very portable and can be opened if you need to get access to the replaceable battery. It has a single button for pairing and locating any of your lost devices. It also has a multi-color LED used to inform the user about device status like connected, searching, battery low and so on. It has a groove where a cord can be attached for putting the key tracker on your key ring.

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