Try the Fyrdraca FW3 GPS Demo Tracker

“I believe there is no better security solution for your vehicle available. As an owner of both classic and modern bikes, Classic cars  and Company Vans I wanted to be able to interact with my vehicle, to know not only where it is but also if my alarm is working. I wanted to know if it had fallen over or if someone was tampering with or moving my bike. Or if someone had broken into my van I wanted to be able to talk to my car and it respond with my system status.”

You dont have to belive us… you can now try the FW3 for yourself

Step 1

Ring 07749125068 from your Android Windos or I phone


Step 2

When the unit answers wait for the beep tones  and end the call

Step 3

The Fw3 will reply with this text,, It should reply very quickly

The FW3 replies with a google map link, time and location

You can see the google map link

Also it shows you the time and date

The power status

If the sidestand or door is open or closed

If the ignition or OBD is active

Step 4

Click on the google map link

The Red Pin is our demo unit, Its fitted to a real live vehicle thats driving round

The FW3 Shows you exactly where your vehicle is

Step 5

Try some of the advanced fuctions

You must make sure the text is exactly the same as shown, no extra spaces etc


the check function shows you the status of the FW3



Arm and disarm it will also tell you if the system can not arm


Addrees gives you a full uk street address inc postcode

Hope you enjoy it!

Fw3 Track Alert and Alarm GPS tracking Security System