Why did we develop the Fyrdraca Track and alert System

We know and understand the fear of trying to park our bike up. Looking round for somewhere secure to try chain it to. We have tried alarms, locks, clamps and pretty much every security device on the market. We have put ground anchors in our garage, door locks and sensors on our sheds. But still our bikes get stolen,


We have felt the heartbreak and the horrible sinking feeling when we go to our bike and it isn’t there. We have posted the stolen bike on Facebook, we have phoned the police, we have asked neighbors if the saw anything, we have done every possible thing to find our bike. We have lived the days after they have gone hoping for a snippet hoping it will be found in a ditch, And still we don’t get them back. They just never come back to us. They are gone and we can’t find it.

FyrDraca gives YOU a chance to get it back.

14689875_1603376256630732_1072531454_oWe developed our trackers because we are bikers, we have lived through it, we wanted to know if something happened to our bike we wanted a chance to find it and get it back. We wanted the tracking information delivered to us, not some faceless call centre. We wanted to know if someone tried to take our bikes while we were at the seaside we would know and we could act quickly. We wanted to lock our bike away on a night and sleep easy knowing if anyone tried to move it we would know WE WANTED TO KNOW.

Fyrdraca Gives YOU peace of mind.

We wanted a unit that was reliable, that could stand been on a bike in the sun and rain. We wanted a tracker that was fitted and set up for our bike by a professional engineer. We wanted a tracker we could trust, from a company we could trust. We didn’t want some rubbish off the internet with no instructions on how to use it with no warranty. We didn’t want to pay for something we had no control over, We wanted a fair price. We didn’t want to pay a monthly or annual subscription for something we cant check, test, use and see that its actually protecting our bike.

Fydraca Gives YOU Faith.

We wanted to deal with bikers, We wanted to know who we were trusting our bike to, We wanted to know it worked. We wanted to see them out on bikes at our bikers cafes at, rally and ride-outs, We wanted to be part of a community of bikers who actually use there bikes, who have there bikes protected. We wanted to go up to a real person and chat about the trackers, we wanted to know someone who had a tracker, we wanted to see it working. We wanted to know we had help and backup if something happened to our bike. We wanted to know if we changed bikes we could get contact someone and get our new bike covered. We really needed to know if we had a problem someone who cared was available to make sure our bike was safe.

Fyrdraca are bikers. We are a proud part of the Yorkshire Biking scene, We are at biker cafes, we go to rally’s, we go on ride-outs WE LOVE OUR BIKE WE LOVE BIKES and we also love biscuits.

We want to give you the same peace of mind we have